The potting soil is Sunshine Mix #1 produced by Sun Gro Horticulture. Fertilizer in this soil is sufficient to satisfy most plants for at least two weeks. After this time fertilizer can be supplied via our fertilizer water.


The fertilizer water is a complete fertilizer. Normally it is used for every irrigation. It can be used less frequently or not at all when lower fertility is needed. Fertilizer systems at both CEF locations inject three concentrated solutions into de-ionized water to create the fertilizer water. The N-P-K macronutrient ratio is 2:1:2. No boron is added to the fertilizer water. There is sufficient boron in the potting soil and de-ionized water. Injection is performed by Dosatron injectors.

The three concentrated solutions are produced from:

• Grow More 4-18-38 (no boron) Grow More, Inc.
• Calcium nitrate
• Magnesium sulfate

Pest Control

Pest control is provided by the College of Biological Sciences greenhouse team.  Tami Leathers, CBS Lead Nursery Technician, provides limited pest scouting, pesticide application, and placement of beneficial organisms for pest control.  Work in CEF-A and CEF-B is prohibited on Wednesdays from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm during weekly pesticide treatment periods: all persons must be out of the facility during this application period.

Pesticide Safety Data Sheets

Records for the recent 30 days of pesticide use